CBT Couple Therapy




To relate, challenge, and address destructive patterns and improve individual and relationship difficulties.

Building upon commitment and adjustment to change towards enhancing both individual and couple well-being. This framework is also used to help those who are considering getting married but need clarity and guidance in order to prevent future marital problems.  At the heart of any relationship conflict are 7 areas that have been identified.  CBT works to improve these in relationship counselling.
  • Communication
  • Empathy (understanding)
  • Intimacy (closeness)
  • Expressed affection
  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness 
When couples come for CBT they are given a series of diagnostic tests which measure the above variables to get a clear blueprint for therapeutic treatment. The therapist first looks at what brought clients together and the first stage or honeymoon period of the relationship.  Clients become aware that there were a series of expectations which each person brought to the relationship (often unexpressed), and it is only when there is a relationship breakdown that this script or internal contract becomes apparent. In the second stage of the assessment clients identify the presenting problems in the relationship, and five or six things they would like to change in themselves, their partner and/or the relationship. This problem list forms the basis of the aims and objectives for treatment.
The third part of the therapy is to design a new relational contract in all areas of marital life i.e.: - 
  • finance 
  • household chores 
  • shared-child rearing 
  • physical intimacy 
  • time together
  • time apart 
  • holidays 

Emphasis on challenging misconceptions, bias and prejudice in thinking using standard CBT for negative automatic thoughts greatly improves communication in the couple and improves relationship skills.

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