At the FreeMIND Clinic we have set fee’s for all services provided. However, concession fees are available for those who work within a low income threshold, on benefits or are unemployed and students. If you would like to enquire about the subsidised fee service, then please call Laura Fontaine (Clinic Director) on: 07908811418 to ask for a reduced fee application form. * Please Note: (this is for specific services only and evidence of income is required) - Only if earning less than £15,000 per annum or on welfare benefits



Clinical Assessment (60 Mins)

*Concession Fee:



Individual CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 50 Mins)

*Concession Fee:



Integrative CBT (50 Mins).

Integrative Psychotherapy




Couples Therapy (CBT) Initial Assessment - (90 Mins)

Couples Therapy – (80 Mins)




Whole Recovery Program (WRP):

Mental Health Support (Between 8-10 Sessions)(*)

Personal Development Program (Between 3-8 Sessions)

*) Additional Written Supplementary Work (E.G. Letters, Reports).

£15.00 (Per Hour)



£45.00 (Per Hour)

(*) This Is Charged On The Length Of Time To Complete (Maximum One Hour) - £ 5.00 For Every 20 Mins.


All Workshops Run For The Duration Of 2 Hours For 5 Weeks, All Run For 8-10 Persons.

Except Max 6-8 For (*Anger Management & Communication Skills).

£160.00 - £200.00

£ 140.00 - £180.00 (*These Prices Do Not Include An End-Report) This Is Dependent On Attendees And Evaluations Completed During The Course.

Consultancy Services: * Organisations Are Invoiced And Payment Is Done Via Banking.

Social & Corporate Training Programs: 1

Social & Corporate Training Programs: 2

Conference: Guest Speaker/Panel Member & Seminar Facilitator

Division 2

Minimum 8 – Maximum 12 Persons:-

(1) 1 Hr Training - £220.00; 3 Hours Training = £400.00.

(2) 1 Hour:= 180.00; 3 Hours Training:= £300.00

(3) £110.00 (50 Mins). (Or ) £40.00 (20min Max).


*Fee's are subject to change dependant on clinic location*

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