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FreeMIND Clinic offers Individual psychotherapy a blend of psychodynamic, existentialist, person-centred and CBT psychologies.

Individuals think, feel and react in different ways. By integrating different ways of helping people bring about change in their lives, integrative psychotherapy as a blend of two or more modalities can work with each client to produce a unique therapy adapted to suit what that client wants and needs. The exact nature of the work will depend on what suits you, the client, best.
Integrative psychotherapy consists of treatment involving a blend of some or all of the following: psychodynamic concepts, existentialism, person-centred with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Integrative Psychotherapy, tends to be a longer in length process, helping clients to gain clarity, understanding and strengthen inner resources to overcome life adversities and reach a sense of life transformation.

Psychodynamic concepts

is based on the idea that a great deal of an individual's behaviour and thoughts are not within their conscious control. Psychoanalysis attempts to help clients develop insight into deep-rooted problems that are often thought to stem from childhood. Psychoanalysis is based on the principle that our childhood experiences have created our current behaviour patterns and thinking process. These thoughts and feelings can become repressed and may manifest themselves as depression or other negative symptoms. By talking freely about thoughts entering their mind, the client reveals unconscious thoughts and memories that the analyst will seek to interpret and make sense of.


is focused on each individual's potential and stresses the importance of growth and self-actualization. "It is that the individual has within himself or herself vast resources for self-understanding, for altering his or her self-concept, attitudes and self-directed behaviour towards building a healthier self-identity.

Existential therapy

Operates on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual's confrontation with the givens of existences. These givens are: the inevitability of death, freedom and its attendant responsibility, isolation, and finally, meaninglessness. These four givens, also referred to as ultimate concerns, and compose the framework in which conceptualizes a client's problem. These givens are seen as predictable tensions and paradoxes of the four dimensions of human existence, which are: physical, social, personal and spiritual realms.

Cognitive behavioural therapy:

Our cognitive processes are our thoughts which include our ideas, mental images, beliefs and attitudes. Cognitive therapy is based on the principle that certain ways of thinking can trigger, or fuel, certain health problems. The underlying concept behind CBT is that our thoughts and feelings play a fundamental role in our behavior. It focuses on helping clients deal with a very specific problem. During the course of treatment, people learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behaviour.

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