Initial Assessment 






Provide personal & professional clinical assessment that helps to identify the initial treatment.

A psychological assessment is the attempt to which the techniques and tools of psychology are used to learn and either gather general or specific facts about you and your problem, either to inform you of how you function now, or to predict behavior and functioning in the future.
Often using open questions, which ask for more explanation and elaboration on the part of the client. 
During your initial assessment, a discussion of your difficulties and counselling needs will be utilised by gathering a range of information, including severity of your difficulties, current medication, support network etc. After the initial assessment, we may choose to work together. In this case we will go through and agree on a written counselling contract. The contract includes details of day, time and location of sessions, cancellation procedure, fees, length of therapy, an explanation of confidentiality of sessions, goal of therapy and other relevant information.
Sessions take place in a comfortable room where the therapist and yourself will sit together and talk and listen. Then the therapist will, in general, do a lot more listening than talking. It is up to you how much or how little you want to disclose, at your own pace. You may well be asked, though, to clarify some of the things you talk about, and from time to time the therapist will check that they have understood what you have been saying.

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