Whole Recovery Programs

The two main programs are: (1) Holistic Mental Health Support Program (2) Personal Development Program;  incorporates comprehensive packages that address the following:- physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural/racial, nutritional, religious, and spiritual factors involved in full recovery.
The Holistic Mental Health Support Program (HMHSP):- is for those who have a Mental Health diagnosis, or have experienced long-term psychological problems.  It consists of One-2-One mental health support sessions tailored to your individual needs based on the initial assessment. The sessions are usually between 8-12 sessions, one-hour per week session, and are focused on identifying your triggers or relapse indicators and establishing a prevention and support plan using CBT principles (e.g. building adaptive behaviours and thinking styles) to help you better manage your symptoms, develop preventative strategies and become more socially inclusive (e.g. via employment, education and training prospects) in order to live a richer fuller life.  *eligibility for this service: you will need to have a CPN, Care Co-ordinator, Key worker or social worker – Payments are accepted via DIRECT PAYMENT.
The sessions may include offering practical support in completing DWP (Department of Work & Pensions) forms, Benefits Forms, and/or Legal/Psychological Reports. (This additional support is not included in the cost of fees price for this program).
Personal Development Program (PDP):- is for those seeking Employment, Job Retention and Career Guidance, perhaps after studying, redundancy or retirement.  Whether you are feeling stuck in your life journey and need spiritual, mental, emotional and practical guidance, by using Solution Focused psychological principles will enable you to tap into your inner resources towards a life transforming journey that is fulfilling. This is usually carried out between 3-8 sessions; although could be longer dependant on individual needs, and are one-hour weekly sessions.  

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