Andy(28):  "I had been experiencing acute depression, was homeless as a teenager, and needed to resolve my inner struggle. I had Integrative CBT at FreeMIND clinic, and it showed me how to manage my low mood, capture my negative thinking before it spiralled out of control and build my self-esteem in the present, not reflective of my past......"
Adam (45):  “my life was full of turmoil, I nearly went down the route of despair… I needed to understand the conflict I was feeling - after a course of integrative psychotherapy, I realised what was maintaining my anxiety and it showed me that I had to change my perspective on life; all my thanks go to Dr Laura Fontaine.."
Richard (53):  "I was experiencing flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and avoiding all places and people that reminded me of the past trauma I experienced... I started Individual CBT with Laura and at the start I was petrified, but I began to quickly feel calm and safe with Laura. After 24 weeks of CBT, I was able to think clearly, I know longer avoid places. I have truly met an angel that assisted my painful journey, I am so glad I sort help from FreeMind Clinic, now I am more aware of my needs and have the confidence to improve my life even further.... thanks for everything".
Dennis (23):  "I came from a life of drug abuse and other addictions, my views in life was blurred and I was on the verge of loosing my career.  I only had 18 sessions of CBT and 10 sessions of personal development and it has changed my life.  I have learnt to utilise values and morals in my life instead of outside gratifications - this has reduced the social anxiety and depression I was experiencing.  I would definitely recommend Laura Fontaine to anyone..."

Laura Fontaine received a award from 'Places For People' The 2008 Gold Award for Worklessness. This award recognises exceptional holistic psychological support for those seeking employment, education and training.

 Laura Fontaine won the 2007 Kush counselling/housing services for vulnerable people Award for high clinical standards, exceptional client care and client recovery rates and innovative clinical impact for common mental ill health.

 In 2011 Laura was one of five nominated out of 3,000 NHS applicants to travel to Uganda to build a Trauma Clinic within a mental health hospital.

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