Therapeutic Workshops 


Specialists workshop sessions that enable people to identify and explore reasons behind destructive behaviours, and help group members to find alternative ways of thinking and feeling towards a constructive and meaningful way of being. Therapeutic workshops are group-based courses targeted at helping people manage internal struggles.  Therapeutic Groups delivered are on the areas of:- Depression, Stress, Improving Confidence & Self-Esteem, Anger Management and Building Assertiveness, Using Compassion (mindfulness) for Wellbeing, and Building Resilience with pain.
All the workshops are delivered within the framework of PREVENTION. Groups are also tailored to meet the individual needs of the group members. The groups underlying approach is of psycho-education, using CBT principles to help people to identify, challenge and use alternative strategies to manage their difficulties. We offer “taster” sessions as well as five week courses. The workshops can take place at your required venue. Refreshments are not included in this service. Catering for a minimum of five persons up to eight persons per group.


  •  Ability to identify, challenge and cope with life adversities.
  • Improving own learning and performance.
  • Improved assertiveness and confidence
  • Identifying and using own resources
  • Built self-belief towards achievable goals.
  • Restructuring mind, body and spirit towards the belief of reaching life achievements
There will be ice-breakers, small group tasks, all group tasks, session evaluation phrase to be selected by each attendee at end of each session, each attendee to commit to a SMART goal to be undertaken between sessions, a break for 15 minutes and, course evaluation forms on last workshop session.
Evaluation forms are completed at the end of the workshop course – this can be written in the form of a report (this additional service is not included in the overall cost fee).
*) please note: that refreshments and venue hire should be arranged, exclusive of the workshop price

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